Friday, September 17, 2010

Some Ramblings

The refrigerator in my apartment is impressively unorganized. Containers of olives/olive oil all over the place and random food everywhere. Some of the Dipper in me came out last night as I was trying to put away the salad bowl. There is now one small section of the fridge that is well put together.

I’ve spent much of the last week struggling to acquire a certain language learning program. I think that I succeeded, and I’d like to thank Mark for my strategy in trying to make it happen. Look things up on Google and then follow directions.

This morning I made instant coffee with regular coffee grinds and micro-waved water. A small miscommunication with mi madre.

It rained hard (it's only drizzled once or twice before) for the first time today while a few of us were at the beach. Which brings up the point that I’m abandoning my goal of not talking to people about the weather (arbitrarily that is). My Spanish skills will need to become more creative before I can avoid ‘hace mucho calor’ in any normal conversation about my day.

I am debating the merits of having the next book I read be a Spanish one. As in, written in Español. Rate of chapters finished and nuances comprehended may decrease, but on the macro scale it should increase those rates (my life in figurative terms).

Two of my buddies here, El Jefe and El Cocinero are taking a class entirely on the ‘Camino de Santiago,’ a sacred Catholic Pilgrimage on which to take part you only need to step out of your front door and walk to the holy city of Santiago de Compostela in northwestern Spain. I really enjoy the idea of such a trek and all of the history behind it. Thus, I’m getting daily secondhand lessons from El Jefe and El Cocinero on the subject. The class is actually going to be doing a mini-Camino de Santiago during fall break and it doesn’t sound too tame (120km in 5 days =24kms a day).

OK, hasta pronto amigos, Nick

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